Treat Your Knee Pain in Springdale

The knee is a vital and complex joint made for bearing weight. Regular day-to-day activities like climbing the stairs or bending down to pick something up might feel torturous when you have knee pain. This adversely affects your daily normal functions as you curb your activity level because of it. Another matter of concern is that this phenomenon is becoming growingly common in people of our society.

The need for a Chiropractor

Taking the help of a chiropractor might be a brilliant solution in cases like these and it might prove to be better than any pain medication. Chiropractic therapy is a completely drug-free way to treat sores. A proper chiropractor can find out the roots of your pain and start your treatment accordingly. Generally, a chiropractic care schedule contains the combination of several techniques and for different people; there are different schedules since everyone’s nature of pain may not be the same.

Trac Decompression: A brilliant chiropractic therapy

Knee decompression therapy is an effective way of chiropractic therapy to treat knee pain. This process separates two main knee joint bones (thighbone and shinbone) by using the Trac system. Inside the knee joint, it creates a vacuum effect to bring the nutritious fluid into the area. In addition, it stretches all the soft tissues around the joint including tendons and ligaments. Decompression therapy accelerates tissue healing and optimizes knee function.

Conditions that can be treated by knee decompression are arthritis, degeneration of knee joint, meniscus tears, osteochondritis dissecans, and sprains that are older than 6 weeks.

During the treatment, there will be a session where you sit with your leg extended. Over the upper portion of the thigh, a strap will be used and just below your knee, there will be an inflatable cuff in order to secure your knee.  The gentle knee joint separation will be felt, as the therapist works on the knee using the Trac equipment.

After decompression therapy of knee pain treatment, most of the patients experience positive outcomes. Your scheduled treatment might include other techniques and therapies to ensure your quickest possible recovery. This therapy also sees that your condition does not show up again in the future.

Schedule with Watermark Chiro

Constant pain is not something you deserve to live with. Besides, if it is something that restricts your movements and keeps you from doing daily basic things. Perhaps it is time for you to seek effective treatment and rid yourself of the constant pain.

If you are suffering from knee pain and looking for chiropractic knee pain treatment, Watermark Chiro is your best option available. With highly talented specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, Watermark Chiro makes sure that your knees are as strong as ever and don’t buckle due to pain. Choose efficient and proven chiropractic treatment from Watermark Chiro and move forward towards a pain-free life.